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Application No: DC/2017/00237
Date Published: 28 Feb 2017
Location: Merriefields6 Woodlands CloseSt ArvansChepstowNP166EF
Development: Garage conversion
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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
10 Mar 2017  Decision  Decision-624040.pdf   APPROVAL 
10 Mar 2017  Report  Report-624039.pdf   OFFICERS REPORT 
28 Feb 2017  Photo  Photo-623219.pdf   PHOTO OF GARAGE FRONT 
28 Feb 2017  Photo  Photo-623220.pdf   PHOTO OF GARAGE FRONT 
28 Feb 2017  Photo  Photo-623221.pdf   PHOTO OF PROPERTY REAR 
28 Feb 2017  Photo  Photo-623222.pdf   PHOTO OF PROPERTY REAR2 
28 Feb 2017  Photo  Photo-623223.pdf   PHOTO OF PROPERTY REAR3 
28 Feb 2017  Application Form  Application Form-642743.pdf / TIF Doc / Application Form-642743 Thumbnails    
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623229.pdf   SITE PLAN DRAWING 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623230.pdf   SITE PLAN DRAWING2 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623231.pdf   SITE PLAN DRAWING3 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623224.pdf   SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF PLANS 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623226.pdf   SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF PLANS FRONT 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623227.pdf   SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF PLANS FRONT2 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623228.pdf   SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF PLANS FRONT3 
28 Feb 2017  Drawing  Drawing-623225.pdf   SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF PLANS2