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Application No: DC/2015/00118
Date Published: 05 Feb 2015
Location: LlanmouthGrange RoadRogerstone GrangeSt ArvansNP16 6EU
Development: Conversion of existing loft space to form ancillary living accommodation, includ
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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
11 May 2015  Other  Other-355558.pdf / TIF Doc   COVERING LETTER 
30 Apr 2015  General Comment  General Comment-354885.pdf / TIF Doc   NEIGHBOURCOMMENTS - P BEAVEN 
24 Apr 2015  Report  Report-354417.pdf   OFFICER REPORT 
24 Apr 2015  Decision  Decision-354418.pdf   DECISION NOTICE 
26 Mar 2015  Correspondence  Correspondence-352219.pdf / TIF Doc / Correspondence-352219 Thumbnails   NEIGHBOUR OBJECTION 
26 Mar 2015  Correspondence  Correspondence-352306.pdf / TIF Doc   ST ARVANS COMMUNITY COUNCIL COMMENTS 
05 Mar 2015  Correspondence  Correspondence-350490.pdf   AGENT EMAIL REGARDING AMENDED PLAN 
05 Mar 2015  Revised Drawing  Revised Drawing-350470.pdf   PROPOSED FLOOR PLANS AND ELEVATIONS 
24 Feb 2015  General Comment  General Comment-349959.pdf / TIF Doc / General Comment-349959 Thumbnails   THE FINNEY, NAVARRA, GROVE COTTAGE 
19 Feb 2015  Correspondence  Correspondence-349790.pdf / TIF Doc   ST ARVANS CC 
18 Feb 2015  Online Comment  Online Comment-349524.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: GENERAL OBSERVATION FOR APPLICATION DC/2015/00118 
13 Feb 2015  Other  Other-349279.pdf / TIF Doc   FEE RECEIPT 
05 Feb 2015  OS Extract  OS Extract-348391.pdf / TIF Doc   LOCATION PLAN 
05 Feb 2015  OS Extract  OS Extract-348392.pdf / TIF Doc   LOCATION PLAN 
05 Feb 2015  Application Form  Application Form-348390.pdf / TIF Doc / Application Form-348390 Thumbnails    
05 Feb 2015  Drawing  Drawing-348393.pdf / TIF Doc   EXISTING FLOOR PLAN AND ELEVATIONS 
05 Feb 2015  Drawing  Drawing-348394.pdf / TIF Doc   PROPOSED FLOOR PLAN AND ELEVATIONS