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Application No: DC/2013/00854
Date Published: 09 Oct 2013
Location: St Arvans Playing Field St Arvans Chepstow
Development: To site a 20ft container along side the sports pavillion to store sports equipme
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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
19 Dec 2013  Decision  Decision-319471.pdf   DECISION NOTICE 
19 Dec 2013  Report  Report-319472.pdf   OFFICER REPORT 
13 Dec 2013  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-319196.pdf / TIF Doc / Objection Comment-319196 Thumbnails   MISTLETOE COTTAGE 
11 Dec 2013  Correspondence  Correspondence-319037.pdf   BIODIVERSITY CORRESPONDANCE  
03 Dec 2013  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-318541.pdf / TIF Doc / Objection Comment-318541 Thumbnails   MISTLETOE COTTAGE 
22 Nov 2013  Online Comment  Online Comment-318012.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: OBJECT TO PROPOSAL FOR APPLICATION DC/2013/00854 
19 Nov 2013  Correspondence  Correspondence-317583.pdf / TIF Doc   ST ARVANS CC 
13 Nov 2013  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-317358.pdf / TIF Doc   PARKFIELD HOUSE 
08 Nov 2013  Other  Other-317133.pdf / TIF Doc   OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE 
07 Nov 2013  Correspondence  Correspondence-317093.pdf   DESIGN AND ACCESS STATMENT  
09 Oct 2013  Application Form  Application Form-315477.pdf / TIF Doc / Application Form-315477 Thumbnails    
09 Oct 2013  Drawing  Drawing-315883.pdf   PLANS AND ELEVATIONS