Monmouthshire County Council

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Application No: DC/2012/00243
Date Published: 22 Mar 2012
Location: Workshops & Adjoining LandA466St ArvansChepstow
Development: Revision to previous consent (ref DC/2011/00697) to allow the storage of metal c
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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
16 May 2012  Decision  Decision-283482.pdf   WITHDRAWN 
16 May 2012  Correspondence  Correspondence-283450.pdf   EMAIL REQUESTING WITHDRAWAL OF APPLICATION 
09 May 2012  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-283249.pdf   MISTLETOE COTTAGE 
04 May 2012  Online Comment  Online Comment-282921.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: OBJECT TO PROPOSAL FOR APPLICATION DC/2012/00243 
24 Apr 2012  Online Comment  Online Comment-282123.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: OBJECT TO PROPOSAL FOR APPLICATION DC/2012/00243 
19 Apr 2012  Other  Other-281752.pdf / TIF Doc   FEE RECEIPT 
11 Apr 2012  Revised Drawing  Revised Drawing-281066.pdf    
22 Mar 2012  Application Form  Application Form-280031.pdf / TIF Doc / Application Form-280031 Thumbnails   APPLICATION FORM 
22 Mar 2012  OS Extract  OS Extract-280014.pdf   LOCATION PLAN 
22 Mar 2012  Other  Other-280012.pdf   DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT 
22 Mar 2012  Cancelled Drawing  Cancelled Drawing-280013.pdf   SITE PLAN