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Application No: DC/2011/00697
Date Published: 03 Aug 2011
Location: Workshops and adjoining land, A466, St Arvans,Chepstow NP16 6HE
Development: Change of use of existing workshop and adjacent land, to now include for the mai
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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
06 Sep 2012  Other  Other-289905.pdf   EMAIL FROM AGENT 
18 May 2012  Amended Plans  Amended Plans-283685.pdf   CONSENT ORDER 
14 Dec 2011  Report  Report-273204.pdf   COMMITTEE REPORT 
14 Dec 2011  Officer Notes  Officer Notes-273198.pdf    
14 Dec 2011  Other  Other-273202.pdf   FEE RECEIPT TRANS TO DC/2012/00613 
14 Dec 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-273200.pdf   EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE 
14 Dec 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-273201.pdf   EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE 
14 Dec 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-273199.pdf   EMAILS RE: CONDITIONS 
12 Dec 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-272766.pdf   ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH COMMENTS 
03 Nov 2011  Revised Drawing  Revised Drawing-269472.pdf   REVISED SITE PLAN 
26 Oct 2011  Other  Other-269254.pdf   WYE VALLEY AONB COMMENTS 
26 Oct 2011  Other  Other-269239.pdf   COMMUNITY COUNCIL COMMENTS 
24 Oct 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-268792.pdf   NEIGHBOUR COMMENT 
24 Oct 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-268794.pdf   NEIGHBOUR COMMENT 
14 Oct 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-268022.pdf   LOCAL MEMBER COMMENTS 
06 Oct 2011  General Comment  General Comment-267754.pdf   THE HIGHLANDS 
26 Sep 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-267059.pdf   ENVIRONMENT AGENCY WALES 
21 Sep 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-266626.pdf   COUNCILLOR COMMENTS 
03 Sep 2011  General Comment  General Comment-265320.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: GENERAL OBSERVATION FOR APPLICATION DC/2011/00697 
01 Sep 2011  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-265240.pdf / TIF Doc    
26 Aug 2011  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-265179.pdf   ONLINE COMMENT: OBJECT TO PROPOSAL FOR APPLICATION DC/2011/00697 
24 Aug 2011  Other  Other-265026.pdf   ST ARVANS COMMUNITY COUNCIL 
19 Aug 2011  Objection Comment  Objection Comment-263999.pdf / TIF Doc / Objection Comment-263999 Thumbnails    
05 Aug 2011  Correspondence  Correspondence-263012.pdf   PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY 
02 Aug 2011  OS Extract  OS Extract-262886.pdf / TIF Doc    
02 Aug 2011  Application Form  Application Form-262884.pdf / TIF Doc / Application Form-262884 Thumbnails    
02 Aug 2011  Other  Other-262885.pdf / TIF Doc / Other-262885 Thumbnails   DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT